Sjusjøen is an old farmhouse area in the region of Ringsaker. The Sjusjøen lake is situated 830 m above sea level and 20 km from Lillehammer. The place is known as Norways largest cabin community and have for 2 years been awarded the best cross-country area in Norway!

There are several thousand cabins in and around the Sjusjøen lake. It is surrounded by forest and mountain terrain. Sjusjøen also offers shops, a sport store, a pub and smaller cafees. In the summer the mountains provide a great area for hiking and bicycling.

The history of Sjusjøen starts as far back as the late 1600, when the first summer farm houses were set up and summer farming started to develop. The farmers would take their farm animals up to the mountains to grass throughout the summer, while their were looked after by a “budeie”, who would also milk the cows every day.

Tourism in Sjusjøen started at the end of the 1800, when skilled “budeier” laid the foundation for tourism by offering food to visitors, and later also beds for rent.

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