Dog sledding tours

Sjusjøen Husky Tours offer dog sledding in Sjusjøen. Through beautiful mountain terrain, you get a spectacular way to experience nature together with the dog teams.

You are provided with your own sled and drive the sled after receiving instructions. You can choose to be just a passenger as well. After the trip you can cook a small pastry and get coffee/tea/hot toddy in a warm hut.

In the summer they also offer trips with cool wagons. The summer tours are on request and can only be done under the temperature of 12 degrees for the safety of the dogs.

Sjusjøen Husky Tours also offer glamping in an Arctic Dome in the summer, including canoeing in the idyllic Åsta river.

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Booking and informasjon:

Rustad Hotell & Fjellstue
N-2612 Sjusjøen
62 33 64 64




Sjusjøen has a local gym open for everybody. Here you will find training facilities, whether you are a top athlete or just want to keep up your form.


Find your calm with us and indulge in an hour just for you.
We have yoga at the hotel in dedicated periods.


På Sjusjøen arrangeres ulike rideturer. Vanskelighetsgraden på rideturene varierer, men det tilpasses gruppen
slik at alle får en positiv opplevelse.


Sjusjøen kan by på et enormt nettverk av fjell- og seterveier og sykkelruter tilpasset alle nivåer.

Cross country skiing

Sjusjøen has for several years been awarded the best cross country area in Norway and many say Sjusjøen has the best ski conditions in the world.

Downhill skiing

An express lift with seats for 6 people takes you up the mountain to a magnificent view and slopes for different skill levels.


In Sjusjøen, you will always find great trails and terrain, no matter what level and condition you are in.