Rustad Hotel & Fjellstue is a family business owned and managed by the Rustad’s since 1935. Today the 4th generation is running the hotel.  It started with 10 rooms that had their own ovens and small potties that fit under the bed.  The cleaners came in every morning and fired up the ovens and poured out the pots!  In the dining room linens were hung in the ceiling to dry at night and were taken down in the morning before breakfast.
Initially hotels in Sjusjøen only opened in the summer because the road up to Sjusjøen was closed in winter.  Rustad was the first hotel that opened for the winter and guests had to be transported in sleighs pulled by either horses or reindeer!  Guests were then taken to the south of the lake and had to walk up to the hotel from there.

Over the years the lodge been extended and modernized in line with generation shifts and new standards, but keeping with the excellent atmosphere and cozy comfort of the old living rooms.  Now every room has a private bathroom and a flat-screen TV!  The hotel has been known for its excellent cuisine and serves a large lunch buffet table every day during the winter and 3 – course dinner in the evening.

The Sjusjøen trails have also been developed over the years, and they are now some of the best ski tracks in the world.  In the beginning though, the General Managers at hotels went out every morning to make ski tracks themselves on their own skis!  What a great job that would be!