Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing

Sjusjøen has for several years been awarded the best cross-country area in Norway and many think that Sjusjøen might have the best ski conditions and trails in the world.


Sjusjøen can offer many exciting activities for young and old, both summer and winter.
Food and drink

Food & drink

The mountain air sharpens the appetite and good food is our trademark.

Run for generations

Rustad Hotel & Fjellstue is family owned and run by the Rustad Family since 1935. Today it is run by Karianne Rustad, who is the 4. generation.

It all started with 10 rooms, that had their own fireplace, wash basin and potty in the room. During the years it has been expanded and modernised in continuation with the generations. Today the hotel offers good hotel standard, but with the cosy atmosphere still well  preserved. 


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