Welcome to Sjusjøen! We are glad that you have chosen Rustad Hotel og Fjellstue for your stay, and we hope that you will enjoy it.

On this site you will find information about what Rustad can offer you and information relevant to your stay. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to ask at the reception.

We think and hope all has been done to make your stay as pleasant as possible. However, sometimes things have been forgotten or we have missed a small detail. Also, it may be that you desire some special request. We would like an opportunity to address these issues and correct if necessary. Please tell us about any problems big or small so you can leave as a satisfied guest. This also helps us improve the hotel for the future guests!

Here at Rustad Hotel og Fjellstue, we work hard to give you the best food experience possible. Therefore, we ask you kindly to inform us in advance if there are allergies or diets we need to consider when we prepare your meals. All our food can and will be documented. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that we have enough information to serve you safe food.

In Sjusjøen there is a lot to do, regardless of season. You can find information about the different activities in the area here:


We wish you a pleasant stay!

Best regards
The Rustad family



  • Breakfast 08.00–10.00 hrs
  • Lunch 13.30–15.00 (winter) hrs
  • Dinner 18.30 hrs

You can find todays menu in the reception from 15.00. This season’s menu can be found here:



The reception is open every day from 08.00–23.00 hrs. If you go out, or plan to come back, after 23.00 hrs please let the reception know, so we can provide you with a key. The receptionist will be pleased to assist with sale of miscellaneous small goods, give advice on the local area and assist with general enquiries to the best of their ability.

We have a large selection of beer, wine, soda, and drinks, for sale in the reception.

You can find our wine selection, as well as todays menu, both in the reception and in the buffet area. We are happy to make recommendations for wine or beer to go with the menu.

Beverages and alcohol drinks purchased outside of the hotel are not permitted in the dining room or the sitting rooms. Drinks purchased outside the hotel are only allowed in your room.


The hotel is only responsible for money and valuables which are deposited in the hotel safe and signed for.


The check out time is at 11.00 hrs.


During winter the two saunas are heated every day from 16.00–18.00 hrs. Outside this period it is possible to use the saunas, for an extra cost. Please contact the reception for more information.


The drying room is located on the same floor as the sauna and our guests are welcome to dry their wet clothes and shoes in the drying room. In the reception you can also borrow iron with ironing board and hair dryers.


Forgotten items will be stored at the hotel for one month after departure. If you want us to send forgotten items, the costs have to be covered. Please note that we take no responsibility for the items after we have sent it from the hotel. After one month, forgotten items will be given to the Salvation Army.


All our rooms and cabins are smoke free. Please smoke outside. Violation of the no-smoking rule will result in a NOK 3000 fine.

To avoid fire, we ask you kindly not to hang clothes over the lamps and oven.

It is not allowed to go inside with spiked shoes.


  • 1 NRK1 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 2 NRK2 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 3 NRK3 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 4 TV2 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 5 TV2 Nyhetskanalen (norsk/norwegian)
  • 6 TV2 Zebra (norsk/norwegian)
  • 7 TV Norge (norsk/norwegian)
  • 8 TV3 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 9 TV3+ (norsk/norwegian)
  • 10 Eurosport
  • 11 Sky News (engelsk/english)
  • 12 BBC World News (engelsk/english)
  • 13 DR1 (dansk/danish)
  • 14 DR2 (dansk/danish)
  • 15 TV2 (dansk/danish)
  • 16 TV2 News (dansk/danish)
  • 17 TV2 Sport (dansk/danish)
  • 19 ZDF (tysk/german)
  • 20 VOX (norsk/norwegian)
  • 21 BVN (nederlandsk/dutch)
  • 22 NRK P1 (norsk radio/norwegian radio)
  • 23 NRK P2 (norsk radio/norwegian radio)
  • 24 NRK P3 (norsk radio/norwegian radio)
  • 25 P4 Digital (norsk radio/norwegian radio)


Password: rustadgjest

We are ecolabelled with Green Key

Rustad Hotel has been awarded the international ecolabel Green Key. As our guest, you help to take responsibility for the environment without compromising your experience or convenience during your stay.

Green Key is awarded to tourism establishments that fulfill strict environmental and social sustainability. Some examples of our efforts include:

  • using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • saving energy by controlling lights, temperature and ventilation systems
  • recycling waste
  • serving food made using mainly ecological, Fairtrade, and/or locally produced products


We hope you would like to help us to reduce our environmental impact, please:

  • Sort recyclable material – put bottles and paper/newspapers next to the bin.
  • Turn off the lights and unplug chargers when you leave your room.
  • Drink our tap water. It’s safe to drink, delicious and free of charge.
  • Use towels several times – hang up towels you can use again, put towels on the floor if you want them changed.
  • Travel by environmentally friendly means of transportation such as train, bus or bicycle

You can learn more about our steps to become more environmentally friendly here: