Dear guest

We wish you welcome to our cabins at Rustad Hotel & Fjellstue and hope that you will enjoy your stay with us.

We are pleased to inform you that as a guest in our cabins, you are welcome to use the facilities at the hotel during the season, as sauna and ski-room in the winter and boats in the summer. If you request any other information, the reception will be happy to assist you.

We kindly ask you to let us know immediately if there is anything wrong in the cabins. Please don`t wait until departure.

You are also welcome to eat meals at the hotel, with discounted rates. Please note that dinner has to be ordered in advance, before 17.00 the same day. We have the following opening hours:

  • Breakfast: 08.00–10.00
  • Lunch: 13.30–15.00 (winter)
  • Dinner: 18.30

In Sjusjøen there is a lot to do, regardless of season. You can find information about the different activities Sjusjøen has to offer here:

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Cabin rules


The level of electricity costs in Norway is now at the same level as the rest of Europe. We therefore ask you kindly to reduce your use of electricity as much as possible.

Electrical circuits get overloaded when all the ovens are on maximum level. Please avoid this.


Firewood is not included in the rental price. Firewood can be bought in the reception at Rustad Hotel & Fjellstue.


Please park your cars outside the fences, so that we are able to clear the way to the cabins and allow for emergency vehicles to get in if necessary.


Check out time is at 12 am, if not otherwise agreed. Please deliver the key at the reception at Rustad Hotel & Fjellstue.


Guests are responsible for any damage caused to furniture and equipment. All damage must be reported to the hotel.

Toilet paper and detergent is not included in the rent.

In the winter, please leave the electrical heating on low heat when leaving the cabin, to prevent the water pipes from freezing.

Camping or tents outside the cabins are not allowed. It is also not permitted to charge vehicles from the cabins. Violations of this rule will result in extra charges.


Garbage bins are placed outside the cabin.

Full garbage bags must be put in the garbage room at the hotel, located on the east side of the hotel. The entrance is next to the garage door. New plastic bags can be obtained in the reception of the hotel.

Rustad Hotel is certified with the international ecolabel Green Key. This means that we meet strict environmental requirements and must do our utmost to behave in a sustainable manner. We therefore ask you to help us with our work and sort your waste:

  • Plastic, organic waste, paper and residual waste must be sorted separately
  • Organic waste is to be sorted in its own container found in the cabins shed, and must be disposed of in the garbage room. Suitable bags for this can be obtained in the reception.
  • Paper waste is to be sorted in its own container found in the cabin’s shed, and must be disposed of in the garbage room
  • Glass bottles and metal containers are to be thrown in the container outside the garbage room
  • Returnable bottles are to be placed in a bag inside the door of the garbage room

Tv channels

  • 1 NRK1 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 2 NRK2 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 3 NRK3 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 4 TV2 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 5 TV2 Nyhetskanalen (norsk/norwegian)
  • 6 TV2 Zebra (norsk/norwegian)
  • 7 TV Norge (norsk/norwegian)
  • 8 TV3 (norsk/norwegian)
  • 9 TV3+ (norsk/norwegian)
  • 10 Eurosport
  • 11 Sky News (engelsk/english)
  • 12 BBC World News (engelsk/english)
  • 13 DR1 (dansk/danish)
  • 14 DR2 (dansk/danish)
  • 15 TV2 (dansk/danish)
  • 16 TV2 News (dansk/danish)
  • 17 TV2 Sport (dansk/danish)
  • 19 ZDF (tysk/german)
  • 20 VOX (norsk/norwegian)
  • 21 BVN (nederlandsk/dutch)
  • 22 NRK P1 (norsk radio/norwegian radio)
  • 23 NRK P2 (norsk radio/norwegian radio)
  • 24 NRK P3 (norsk radio/norwegian radio)
  • 25 P4 Digital (norsk radio/norwegian radio)


Password: rustadgjest

Cleaning at departure

The cabin must be left clean and in the same condition as upon arrival. Please make sure that:

  • All floors are washed, carpets vacuumed
  • Tables and chairs are cleaned
  • The fridge is empty and clean
  • The dishwasher machine is empty
  • Pots and pans are cleaned
  • Oven is cleaned
  • Garbage is disposed in the disposal room at the hotel.
  • Bottles are disposed according to the regulations
  • Fireplace emptied of ashes – use appropriate container for this. You will find this in the shed room.

NB: The dishwasher must only be used with detergent!

Final cleaning can be ordered at the hotel, in advance. However, make sure the following is done before you leave the cabin:

  • The fridge is empty
  • The dishwasher is empty
  • Pots and pans are clean
  • General cleaning is done
  • If a dog has been in the cabin, dog hair must be swept up and the furniture vacuumed.
  • Garbage is disposed in the disposal room at the hotel.
  • Bottles are disposed of according to the regulations.
  • Rented bedlinen must be returned to the hotel.

Forgotten items will be stored at the hotel for one month after departure. If you want us to send forgotten items, the costs have to be covered. Please note that we take no responsibility for the items after we have sent it from the hotel. After one month, forgotten items will be given to the Salvation Army.

Smoke free hotels, cabins and restaurants

All our rooms and cabins are smoke free. Please smoke outside. Violation of the no-smoking rule will result in a NOK 3000 fine.

To avoid fire, we ask you kindly not to hang clothes over the lamps and oven.
It is not allowed to go inside with spiked shoes.