• Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Length: approx.6 km each way, a total of 12 km
  • Snørvillen is 995 meters above sea level.

This tour starts right outside the hotel.The first 1.5 km is on easy terrain on a gravel road before you take off on a path along the Fjellelva (river). There you may encounter some wet sections, but there are clods in several places. If you have mountain shoes on, it is no problem to get over this section with dry shoes.

When you have walked along the river for a while, you will come to a large bridge on the right; cross it before you can easily see the road ahead over beautiful crags. Further up, it is easy to walk on the rocks before you come across a path. There is a slightly steeper part (20-30 metres) before you come up on a great ridge that you follow on to the top.

The peak is at 995 m above sea level and has a great view on sunny days. From the top, you can choose to go the same way back or you can make the trip around Mostfjellet and Sollifjell before heading back to the hotel.

We wish you a nice trip!