• Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Length: approx.5 km each way, a total of 10 km

This tour starts at Kuåsen, approx.10 minutes by car from the hotel. The walk first goes gently downhill and after only a few hundred meters you reach Ludden’s home. You can go into his hut to see how he lived. The whole story about Ludden we have to take another time;)

The trip continues over clods and an easy path before going slightly uphill to Gjesbusåsen. Here you can enjoy the view towards Aksjøen. The path goes gently downhill until you come to a nice farm house. Here you can see that the cultural landscape has been well preserved and you follow the gravel road for a short distance before turning off at a well-marked junction. There you follow the sign towards Steinvikfjell 1.3 km.

Gentle downhill leads us over a stream and on to a junction. At this intersection you must take care to take the path to the left.The path to the right takes you in the right direction, but it will be a detour and a slightly worse path.

Follow the path through the forest until you reach the forest line. You come to a new crossroad.There it is not marked with Steinvikfjellet further up, but head in the direction of Nøkkelåsen Seter. Only a short time after this you reach the top, which is marked by a pile of stones.

Enjoy the view before returning the same way back to the car. If you want a longer trip, this can easily be extended by, for example, going further around Midtfjellet.

You can buy a map at reception before departure.

We wish you a nice trip!