We want to make your stay with us as safe as possible. When we start up for the season 2020/2021, we will have in place all hygiene measures according to regulations from the authorities.

We have a special focus on the following:

  • Our employees are trained in extra infection control routines and how to implement the guidelines. All staff are extra careful in relation to good hand hygiene and to keep a distance from each other and guests.
  • Strict cleaning routines for hotel hygiene. Efficient and environmentally friendly chemicals are used for washing and disinfection.
  • Extra disinfection of common areas in the hotel, such as reception, lift, toilets, living rooms and dining room.
  • Regular disinfection of exposed surfaces, such as door handles, card terminals and lift buttons
  • The cleaning staff uses infection control equipment such as disposable gloves that are changed frequently.

We encourage all guests to be careful with hand hygiene and ensure frequent hand washing with soap and water or disinfectant alcohol. Everyone must wash their hands before meals. We have put out disinfectants in several places in the hotel and we encourage their frequent use.

We take our responsibility very seriously and ask that our guests also are aware of their responsibility. We will do our utmost to ensure that the infection does not spread, but is dependent on everyone who visits us to follow rules and recommendations. We therefore ask our guests the following:
If you have symptoms of respiratory infections such as stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, fever, wheezing, headache or other symptoms of Covid-19, do not visit us. We will be happy to rebook you when you are symptom-free.

Front desk

We ask that everyone keep 1 meter distance from the reception staff and other guests in the reception area at check-in and check-out, as well as at other inquiries at the reception. We ask everyone to keep their keys throughout their stay and not use the key shelf at the reception. We ask that you use credit-cards as much as possible when paying and avoid cash.


Rustad Hotel has good capacity, both in the number of rooms and in common areas. We thus have the opportunity to spread the guests well to reduce the risk of infection as far as capacity allows.

Food service

All food service will take place in accordance with current rules. Guests will have their own, fixed table. We ask for your understanding that the serving will be somewhat different this year, in order to maintain the rules in force. In the event of a larger number of guests, there may be changes in meal times to maintain regulations. Everyone MUST wash their hands thoroughly before all meals!

Common areas

Rustad Hotel has large common areas and a good opportunity for space for guests with the recommended distance.

Public toilets

We advise everyone who stays at the hotel to use their own toilet in their rooms.
Sauna will be closed until further notice.

Kiosk and bar

The kiosk and bar at the reception will be open as usual, but we request that everyone complies with the authorities’ requirements of a distance of 1 meter.


Our ordinary conditions for cancellations apply. If you get sick so you cannot travel, you will need to use your own travel insurance to cover the costs. If you cannot travel because of travel restrictions due to corona outbreak (red country), then we will be happy to rebook to another period (within the same year).